Infant & Pediatric Massage

Infant Massage is a special skill. We, as human beings, are never too young to experience the benefits of physical treatment. In fact, conditions that we often consider to be the ‘personality’ of the newly born (such as colic) are actually expressions of discomfort being experienced by the infant. Treatment for these conditions can begin immediately and can have far-reaching effects, not only for the infant, but for the parents as well.

Infant treatments often center around CranioSacral treatment techniques, and can do much to improve the temprament of a newborn. Children are not yet burdened with the attachments to their patterns as are adults, so they continue to experience significant benefits from treatment all through childhood. Many testimonials by grateful parents encourage others from all walks of life with children to seek out using these types of treatments to help assist their children in coping or treating all kinds of conditions as children often respond dramatically to the treatment work.

Infant Massage is a joyful way for improving the quality of parenting and of promoting a better beginning for the baby. Massaging a baby increases bonding and nurturing between parent and child, while proving a way of communication through touch. Infant massage strengthens and regulates the respiratory, circulatory and gastrointestinal functions of the baby, as well as teaching relaxation.

Dr Ashley Montegu, author of Touching says “Touching is a basic behavioral need; if babies don’t get touched, they can’t survive”.