(Ionic) Foot Detox Treatment

Foot Detox Treament uses ionization stimulation transmitted through saline solutions to stimulate the body’s toxin removal systems. Treatment sessions are 15 to 30 minutes long and similar to a foot bath, except that an ionizing diode is placed in the water and sea salt is added to increase ion conductivity. Here the similarity to a foot bath ends. As the treatment progresses the water changes in color and clarity. While individual results vary, often the water becomes a dark yellow or even a blackish green.

The ‘filmy yellow’ color is often equated with lymph fluid being extracted through the pores of the feet into the solution. Lymph is one of he primary ‘waste movers’ of the body, as it is fluid that ‘leaks’ from the circulatory system and moves among the cells of the body picking up waste products along the way to be ultimately filtered by the liver and the kidney and excreted.

Varying ionization charges are sent through the body and help release the ion fields toxins use to attach and secure themselves within the body. For the next two to three days after a treatment the body continues to experience increased efficiency in filtering and removing toxins from the system through the liver and kidneys.