Core Synchronism

Core Synchronism is similar to Cranio Sacral Therapy, but more fine-tuned and precise. It also works with the “spin” or “vortexes” of energy in the body that can get reversed or become dis-synchronized with other parts of the body. It also addresses our “core” (which runs deep through the body from head to “tail” in a spiraling motion) and the tiny “rivers” or long currents of energy that flow throughout the body. Clients remain fully clothed when receiving this type of bodywork.

What is Core Synchronism?

Core Synchronism (or Core Synch) is a system of bodywork that combines cranial osteopathy, polarity therapy, and the philosophy of natural therapeutics. It was developed by Robert Stevens, director of the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics, and also includes new and unique techniques discovered by Robert as he used his new system with clients.

The principle underlying Core Synchronism is that cerebral spinal fluid is how the wisdom of the animating force (the Vital Force or Soul) is carried through the human organism. When healthy, the entire body moves “in synch” with the cerebral spinal fluid. When a part of the body is thrown “out of synch”, inflammation and disease result. The purpose of “Core Synch” is to re-synchronize all parts of the body with the inner rythm of the cerebral spinal fluid and make sure it stays synchronized.

Why choose Core Synch over other types of bodywork?

Core Synchronism treatments will help to re-establish and maintain overall good health in the body!

There are many different types of bodywork available, and the kind you choose to receive depends on what you want from the experience. All bodywork is beneficial at some level.

Core Synch works at a deeper level than other modalities relieving both superficial stress and stress that has been stored in the body for a long time. Relieving this stress allows Core Synch to promote balance and healing in ways other therapies can’t.

What should you expect from a Core Synch treatment?

Core Synchronism treatments are deeply relaxing, safe, and gentle. During a Core treatment:

  • You lie on a massage table, on top of the sheet with your clothing on.
  • You receive the work while lying on your back or on your side, but never face down.
  • The treatment will last 45-55 minutes.
  • Sometimes you will feel a shift of energy and other times it may feel like nothing is happening.

What happens after a Core Synch treatment?

What happens after a Core Synchronism treatment depends on your current state of health. You might:

  • feel wonderful
  • feel exhausted
  • feel a little dizzy
  • experience some acute symptoms
  • be revisited by some old symptoms

How often should you receive a Core Synch treatment?

As you can imagine, how often you need a treatment depends on you the current state of health your body is in when you begin to receive it. Whether one or a series of treatments is required depends on the level of dis-synchronistic motion you are experiencing. The goal of the treatment work is not only to balance the body to the cerebral spinal fluid rythms, but also to keep it in that rythm. Once the body has established that connection, only an occasional treatment may be needed to keep it in place.